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Back in time after the Persian Wars
A child was born, was the son of the storm
He was a fighter, a warrior
Glory's all over his mind
When his father was murdered
His army was ready to fight
Macedonian son with intractable heart
Leaves his country
His home and he prays to the Gods
And the journey through Asia begins
And he wins any war and he wins any fight
Alexander the Great, the King of the Kings
His empire extends from Greece to the East
He's marching out, victory in any battle
Persian lands, Kings & Queens are surrendered
It's time for North Africa,
Then comes the India's disease
But his army is tired and sick,
Took the way back to Greece
Decides to keep on going with the mercenaries
But death's waiting in Babylon
He's 33 years old
The Greatest King who ever lived on this Earth is gone...

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Elegy of Blood

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