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Lost from memory
Plato's tragedy
Few are left that believe
In the land of mystery
To all shores they did flee
Warned in time by the Priests
Atlantis's key
The Eye of the Sea
[II. The Drowned Lands]
From the depths of the ocean
Came the spawn of the deep
From the wrath of Poseidon
Tritons rose from the sea
Fire and rain from the Heavens
Triton waves rose to the sky
Split asunder by Poseidon
For opening the Sacred Eye
Land of all wonders
Engulfed by the waves
Where pyramids first rose
And sank to their graves
Isle of our fathers
Founder of our ways
Now lost to the oceans
And blue corral caves
Valusia's great Trident
Thrust into the land
Collapsing what once was
By Poseidon's hand
Flood of destruction
Remembered by all
Though most have forgotten
Atlantis's Fall
[III. Engulfed Cathedral]
After me, the deluge

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The Deluge

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