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So here you are, lift your head,
You fed on the dawn's early light,
You're so right,
I'm a puppet on a string,
You're the thing,
Unreal you rise, like cold diamond surprise,
You make my bed,
I'm wed to you,
What can I do, I could...
Hack it off and find a way,
Start another life today,
Grease the guillotine, make it oay,
Bye bye, baby, bye bye
Iron studded icon, you shoot molten lead music,
Into the greedy years of America,
So they can swallow every drop,
Of your cathode ray amor'e,
A moray eel steals into a thousand hearts of darkness,
While Cupid's bow snaps like the spine of love,
And he pulls out his bazooka instead,
So many dead,
Mirror windshield shards fly like fractured facts,
I ain't no saint so paint me black,
And send me back somewhere,
I don't care,
If I made a point, it's just a fly in my ointment,
Anoint me Holy Mother of Maggots,
For I have sinned against love,
What's love? I think I love it, but I want to...
Hack, hack.

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