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You don't smile the way you used to
And we don't laugh so much - isn't it true?
How can I make you forget
All your thoughts and regrets
That you keep in your mind
And that make you so blind
To me and to us
Come, sit by my side for a while
Let's start all over tonight
I want to see you the way when we met the first day
Then you were on the street
And you said - very sweet
Hello to me
Let's give it a try for a night
I'm so tired of this fight
I like when you give me a kiss
And the way you move your hips
Side by side, when we dance
This how a romance
Should feel
Can you forget what we had?
I'm finished with making you sad
You have dreams on your own
Don't just keep them alone
You can share them with me
And then we'll live
Don't you see
that it's all about you
all about you
all about you
all about you and me?

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