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So this is it
It was just sweet loving and a kiss
But it’s over
How could I know
That you would take your shoes to go
While you said it’s over
It’s not that I didn’t really knew it from the start
And it doesn’t really hurt that much in my heart
I just think that you should show a bit of honesty
Instead of playing all these games with me
It’s a pity
Cause I found you quite attractive and pretty
And I feel shitty
Cause it’s over
Well I know I’m too fast
I just thought that it could’ve last
A little longer
But it’s over
So goodbye little friend
Thanks for nothing I comprehend
That it’s over mon ami
Au revoir petite dream
Thanks for chocolate and cream
Now It’s over c’est vraiment finit
It’s over

text: Guastavino
hudba: Guastavino / Drasbeck / Bennebo / Møller

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