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A fisherman alone in his boat
Who’ll be the one to fit his throat
He’s been fishing for hours but he hasn’t found
The neat little fish to make his fisher-friends proud
In the ocean hidden in the dark
She’s dressed to kill and smooth like a shark
The sun will rise and the coast is clear
And she jumps in his boat with nothing to fear
And off she ran with the fisherman
A silly fish on the hook
Last page of the book
She was shot by the gun and she lost her sight
Couldn’t tell the difference of wrong and right
And she fell in his arms
She fell for his unspeakable charm
And they rocked the boat the waves got high
They drank and fucked they laughed and cried
The fisherman had a taste for his catch
And the lady shark she was ready to snatch
So she bit her teeth turned shiny and red
While he did the final dance of death
She shook the boat and gave him the look
And gone was fisherman like bait on the hook

text: Guastavino
hudba: Guastavino / Drasbeck / Bennebo / Møller

Text eingefügt von zanzara

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