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We will fly away (Feat. Song Eunhye) - Text

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Stars, shining so brightly
Whisper to dreamer
Night, full of the starlight
Ringing my heart with its songs
Moon, shining to guide me
Where is no worries
Now, you can hold my hand
Time to fly
Songs never fade out
Make my heart longing to see
We will fly away with all our heart tonight
Now, open your eyes
can you feel this moment
Like a star in the sky up above
I promise you I will be here
saehayan bamhaneul
geu arae uri
byeolgwa chumeul chuneun
hamkke isseul geugose
sumi chaoreuge naraoreul geoya
i sunganeul mideo yeogi neowa hamkke
haneul wie pin yeonkkotcheoreom
areumdapge pieonal geoya
byeol, balkge binnaneun
kkume soksagim
bam, haneulbit sogen
maeumeul ullineun sori

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