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Feather in a Storm - Text


High waves she cut them up in two
The storm’s eye we could see
With her tattered sails shaking in the gale
A terror for a sight was she

Cutting through the clouds
The moon swept the deck
Her wooden bones all alight
A quick glimpse, ghostly was the wreck
I couldn’t see a soul in sight

Like a feather in a storm
Blowing on the wind
Like a feather in a storm
When the devil threw those cold scarlet eyes
Winter’s night

Timber cracked as she broke upon her back
Her wooden bones all exposed
Stuck there fast with a weather-beaten mast
A pale strong figure he arose

Then standing at the helm
The devil I could tell
His silver cloak all alight
Two burning eyes dancing in the sky
A terror on a winter’s night

Two beacons burning brightly on the tide
A fair warning to return another night
Go quickly when he’s chasing you with flames burning bright

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