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In A Dying Embrace - Text

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Lo a perishing rose
As graceful as dawn
Stormed by depravity
Ravished .. Left in demise
Harken her threnody
Chanting a lost elan
Succumbed by scattered dreams
Lost hopes and helplessness
Behold her crystal tears
Brooding her pallid cheeks
Sad eyes throttling a shade
Quenching my glutted heart
Her dying hand burns mine
Her frozen lips sear me
Jaded breath .. Idle gaze
Wretched spirit carving me
Stale reveries loom within me
Meddling before my bleak eyes
My stark heart yens for your warmth
But demise defeats my urge
"Her dying struck his darkened heart
In despair he lusts for her still
His glowering spirit longs for her soul
Uttered in angellore
In woeful secrecy I crave for you
For my grim heart no longer owns your love
Captivate my heart with your love dirge
I.m forsaken to death, the cruelest of all plots
Into your solacing arms I give way
Still my heart cleaves to yours forevermore
I hunger for her eyes
"My smeared eyes for yours only crave
My ardour with her dies
"Your love I shall take to my grave
Forsook by the heavens
"You dwell within me evermore
Im aghast .. Mend my fears
"Forever I chant your dear tears .

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