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Abuse Of SID - Text

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You want him, you need him
It's so hard to please him
You just don't dare
And inside you're burning
With some secret yearning
You must not care (still won't you)
Help me, i'm flawed, desperate
Angry with God
'cause he just won't care
Oh excuse me, you're mourning
How calloused and boring
I brush your hair
And see your face... empty smile...
I touch that place, and all the while...
(you know it won't stop)
So you made an excuse to confuse the issue
What makes you think that I'll care about you?
When you lay on the ground 'till I tell you I'm through
ANd he'll do what he'll do
When he'll do it to you?
And all the while, he's been using you,
Yes, all the while... he's abusing you...
So it finally dawned on me yesterday morning,
I just can't stare
And swallow the words that your hero's perverted,
On what we share
I'll kill him, i'll beat him, the cycle's repeating,
I hold thin arrogance
Still won't you hold him and trust him
You love him so much
And he still won't care
To see your face...
With an empty smile...
'cause i touched that place on you...
And all the while...
She says it's "it's so good, when it's so good, if this is so good, then it's no good!"
If this is so good, everybody's so good, everybody's so good, when you're no good!
And all the while, he's been using you
Yes, all the while, he's abusing you
With your naked excuse you confuse your misuse
What makes you think I should care what he'll do?
If you lay on the ground 'til he tells you he's through
And he makes up your mind that that's what you should do
'cause all the while you've been using you
Yes, all the while you're abusing you...
He hurts you, mistreats you
Your own mind misleads you
You just won't care
When holes in your face
Can't be covered with makeup
You'll still stay there...

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