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Thirst To Live In Freedom - Text

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Tempestuous river – Slavonic blood,
It was born in fire, and for holy war.
Free Spirit in blood,
In Slavonic blood.
Free Holy Spirit
Baptized us by war.
Free Spirit in blood,
He is in my blood,
Free Holy Spirit
Rise us to fight.
Thirst to live in freedom
Flows in Slavonic blood.
Don’t be enslaved by darkness,
defeat darkness in yourself.
God has given birth for us in fire,
And for holy war.
He has given us Free Spirit,
To avoid eternal torture.
Screams and moans, torture and screams,
Will sound in fire,
Sinful people and fallen angels,
All who served Satan,
Will burn in fire eternally,
Slaves of darkness will burn.
Christ died for our freedom,
To make free from enslavement,
Slavonic souls, Christian souls,
He has taken from darkness.

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