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(Hey mama)
I know you ain't doing the greatest
But maybe one day I'll be famous
I'll get you out of that fucking apartment
You been in since Christmas
Back when I was 16 and reckless
I never told you how much I appreciated
Everything you did for me
I was too ashamed to speak
Reading through the notes
You wrote about me in fifth grade
You probably never thought I'd see
I know that it was tough
When you and daddy split up
But you made it through
It showed me how strong you could be
I know you said be tough
When me and Chelsea broke up
But it's been a year and stuff
And it still bothers me
Everything you ever said to me
I listened very carefully
I kept it in my heart
Cause you were always there for me
Even when you caught me smoking weed at 17
You said "you're better than that"
But you weren't even fucking mad at me
I know that you raised me in church
And when I told you I don't have a religion
You said it hurt
It hurt that we didn't know you were in pain
But even though we think differently
I still love you the same
(I hate it)
I hope I've been the greatest brother ever
I could never top the levels
Of the sister that you've been to me
And I know I barely see 'em
But remember to give (Erelyn?) and Aria a kiss for me
You taught me how to swim when I was five
And you never told on me
When I was dumb enough to drink and drive
I was pretty stupid at 18
And none of the mistakes I made
Would ever make you hate me
Even that time I screamed and threw a fit
Cause you wouldn't get off the phone, I was pissed
I was probably 9 or 11
Around that time that daddy told us
Brian went to heaven
And then there's our biggest sister
She's moved around a couple times
She knows we all miss her
We don't speak much, barely keep in touch
But just know I'll always love you no matter what
The distance between you and me
Could never make me think less of
The pretty woman you became to be
And when you get a chance, when you hear this
Say hello to Tyler and Sidney for me
(Hey dad)
The first time I saw you cry I was 6
But you're the strongest man I know
That's why your name's on my wrist
You showed me how to work when I was 12
You said if anybody ever gives me shit
Then go and give them hell
I know your mama ain't doing the greatest either
I really need to get my ass up and see her
She probably doesn't know she created an idol
Only someone like you could deserve the title
I never really told you what you meant to me
I was busy being mad at you for being mad at me
For doing stupid shit like messing with
A girl that had a boyfriend in the military
I was lucky not to get my ass beat
But I probably should've
So it would've knocked some sense into me
You always said that you were proud of me
Had a rough patch but had it figured out when I was 23
I'll never take for granted what you've done for me
I'll make my [?] count like you said in 2003
I'll keep pushing on and keep my head up
And one day I'll be just like you, you'll see

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