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No more time to go back or regret
Spreading lies for your self-protection
You blame and you hide
And you fake, but all the shit you do
Will come back to you
No you cannot count on me
Now you're falling, you see the truth
No more mercy for rats
Tough is the way
There's no escape
Your heart is full of evil and pain
Your path was marked by shame
Too late for remorse
Back and forth thoughts that will not give up -
They'll be around forever and ever
You lie and you try to deceive
But all the shit you do will come back to you
There's no time to erase the past
Sorry, you have not done your best
No more mercy for rats
Time now blows away
All the pride you have
The shame you feel will never set you free
You can break the rules
But not on and on
Now feel walls closing in
It'snot our business life seems to be like hell burning inside
And from now on life will turn into an eternal flash of death
We'll spread our rage
And now, you will feel pain
And you, you will know how it's like
The future is fulfilled by the suffer

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