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You're All The Reason I Need - Text

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I get up and I go to work
Filthy mind and a dirty shirt
Just like a million other jerks
I don't know what else to do
I wouldn't say I have a plan as such
Tryin' not to burn the clutch
Every little thing used to mean so much
Now it's all about you
You're all the reason I need
You're all the reason I need
This love is what I believe
You're all the reason I need
Sometimes the day crawls by
Slow enough to make you cry
I catch my breath and I wonder why
Then I think about you
I'm just a man now baby
When you cut me I bleed
I do it all for your love baby
You're all the reason I need
Sunset and there's no excuse
For all the hell that I break loose
Honey I'm runnin' out of juice
Comin' home to you
Just another day of strife
One man one wife
I hope I bring something to your life
Cause' you know you do

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