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The streets are all empty, the network's deveined
Buildings walled up, electricity drained
Shots in the square where they mowed them all down
The river runs red from the center of town
I worked for my daddy, he worked for his paw
Till they came from the city and they took what they saw
We rented back land and we worked what we could
But they built and the stripped it 'till it wasn't no good
And I know I, yes I know I
Gotta hold on, hold on for your love
Out in the woods, my old truck is on fire
Burning the last drops of my enormous desire
Men eating men and there's no time for crying
For I'm tired of the blood and I'm sick of the dying
Burn down the cabin and put out the stars
Tear up the fields and leave everything scarred
I've been here before, but I don't know this place
I've been here with you, but I can't see your face

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Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns

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