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Why don't you take me
Back to the beginning of this movie
Before the scenery changed what we could be
Now, we aren't the same as we were
Before the problems
If I knew any better, I could solve them
Now the ending is beginning to look grim
Why couldn't I take time to learn
No, it's not real life
But it's creeping in
I hate to see you leave me
Over and over again
So, reset the lights
And i'll play along
When they say action
We'll leave out the words that don't belong
Anywhere in this movie song
Let's write a sequel
Based on actual events, places, and people
You and me, just for instance
And we fall in love
There's no giving up in the end
And I can't take the heartbreak of knowing what's to come
I'm tearing out all the pages where we come undone
And all these character flaws become no flaws at all
Quiet on the set
Then we hit our marks
We've changed the ending to resemble how the movie starts
Throw away your script
You won't be needing it
All these dreams could not exist
If real love weren't better than this

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Goodnight Moon