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Is this our way, or can we turn
Extermination day, this world will burn
Messiah - Messiah
God has shoved his son, you drawed him
Now it's time: let's pray Satan's mass
Six, six, six, East against the West
Son of Jackal, atomic force kills the rest
Messiah - Messiah
You had your time, so follow him
Your soul is ours, world bursts and breaks
Satan's hordes strive to kill, vultures of steel seed death...
No escape, time stands still, feel his deadly breath...
Messiah - Messiah
See the dead of the sun - christian love in vain
Father killed by son, mother raped in pain.
In a world of steel, made from stone
Only death is real - world war... III

Text eingefügt von Maribel

Satanic rites