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What’s it like
Under your starless sky
I used to ask you without asking
Just to make myself feel alright
I want a word with you
But I’m feeling shy of truths
Like you haven’t felt at home in your body
For a year or two
You look so small
Sitting in my kitchen but I wonder where you are
You look so young
Like you don’t know how to be loved
Driving home
And thinking in winter tones
Don’t find the words to fill this silence
It sounds so good on its own
We are eye to eye
With future a friend of mine
Inside the mouths of our children
Words we will never find
I feel so small
Sitting in my kitchen crying to my mom
I feel so young
Like I don’t know how to be someone
I feel so small
When you are in my dream
I wake up alone
I feel so young and so wrong

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