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Leaving the end open - Text

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I can tell exactly where we're going
But I won't turn the page
Wishing I could outsmart time and space
And even if your voice sounds like the chapters end
I'm not afraid
Your words are making my heart race away
I'll be there burning the pages
Turning the time back
I'll be there watching the sparks fly
While the fire fills the sky
The end is only a chance to turn it all over
Turn it all over so now we can finally begin
A different story this time
We won't no exactly where we're going
We're leaving the end open leaving the end open
I can tell the ice is thin below us
Won't let you break away
We have to take a risk to make it stay
Standing in the light keeping your eyes on me
When the night comes we'll feel the freeze
Stars are out and now you will finally see

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Leaving The End Open

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