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Your World In My Eyes - Text

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Ghastly sight freezes my mind once again
Nights are long and lonely when I can't sleep
When I look at the deeds of mankind,
then I say no! No, I really am not of your kind.
See, your history a book of blood
Horror designed by human brains, I can't forget!
Where are the tortured souls now?
Who can justify their pain?
Is this humanity, then this is no place for me
When I see a fantasy lord control your mind
Misery in no one's name, how can this madness be?
Do you know what I feel...
my true sense turns insane!
When the most senseless is called sane
As the wheel turns with bitter self-hate
Your viscous circle leaves no escape
Shallow words and false love
I see pity for the mean and whining loud
Don't tell me about justice
For the unheard and defenceless little souls, why don't you cry for them??
Don't tell me about kindness which is not there
Hollow minds that do not see or feel
Screams of animals in their hands, they do not hear
Are you lifeless metal machines, are you robots?
My rage when I see 'bastard men'
that destroy all that I hold dear
Your world in my eyes
At the end, bloody tears blind my sight

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