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Silence before the storm
I reach the house hidden by the night
A light I saw I knocked all quietly
I entered; a woman sat by the spinning wheel
"What brings you here my child", she asked?
"Don't you know our lady keeps her secrets well?"
It's my life I am running from
It's my fate I am hiding from,
oh, would the Goddess speak to me?
Her ways I don't understand, the mysteries that I must know,
Oh, would the Mother see through me?
"Why don't you rest my child", she said, "I will seek her advice, I will wake you when it's time"
All night by the spinning wheel, she sang an ancient tune and in the morn' her work was done
In the distance I heard a call, I awoke and I held the spindle in my hand
My other hand it held new life, the Goddess had been by my side and her blessing was mine.

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