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Generation of the lost - Text

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To those who suffer only loss
Who pay the hidden silent cost
hide the scars and don't you tell
Another night of living hell
To those who turn their eyes away
Bring darkness to the light of day
Silenced by the awful shame
Hide from truth they pass the blame
I never guessed but should have known
If I had and done and done
Tell me why do we despise
Using words that cut like knives
Tear me down, expose beneath
A garden of thorns a mountain of grief
I've been through hell I'm moving on
Staying there makes no difference at all
The isolation of our dreams
No one ever cares it seems
The city lights burn far below
Dying through to me on glow
I for one shall rise and leave
All behind those who deceive
Touch the clouds, let fall the rain
Down upon this world in flame
Crack the sky, flash in the night
Blackened shadows caressed in the light
The bow is drawn the arrow flies
The heart is pierced as all hope dies
If only we could still believe
And change the world to our own needs
But it's too late the lines are drawn
The moment fades, forever gone...
Can you feel the poison spread?
A generation of the lost
All our hopes have been misled
In generations we can't trust
Are we no one in your eyes?
A generation of the lost
Caught within your web of lies
A generation we can't trust

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