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Moths and Rust - Text


Stand up
Don't trip up now
Just see this through
Hold firm your grasp
You will pull through

Your scars have been erased
Have you not yet learned-
Salvation has never been based on works

Stand up
Don't trip up now
You will pull through

Now's not the time
Now's not the place for this
You're in way too deep to care for what you've missed
Fix your gaze on what's ahead
The path that tempts your foot to stray from this place
Brings death

It will tear the beating heart from your chest
It will find your darkest thoughts
For moths and rust would you damn your soul?

So take your life back
Take the reigns and never let them go
Just find your place
Where's your strength-
Where has it gone?
Find the courage that was yours the day that you gave up

I want you to mean so much more to me
Just like the day I gave up

So give
Just give it all away

So give it all away and never look back
Tonight a thousand eyes could see your selfish lack-
Your lack of faith
The yoke is easy; the burden is light
There's no excuse, no, not this time
You're being watched straight through the night
So stand up; get up and fight

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Moths and Rust

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