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Miss Tate - Text

I don't get why you killed me
I don't get this mess
Sixteen stabs were way too many to handle for both of us
I don't get why you killed me, I don't care
I don't care that you killed me, I'm not there
A few words ran through the air, I spat them out in despair
None of them reached their aim for you licked my blood of your hands
There's no time for Miss Tate
There's no time left
Toying with the shiny knife as if to cut the baby out
But it's too late for Miss Tate
There is no time to play
No one else here, hold her well, now it's time to slay
So quiet you could almost hear the sound of ice rattling
In cocktail shakers in the houses way down the canyon
Your suffocating voice
Your delirious thoughts
Of how can it not be right when it's done with love

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