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You guys think you\'re so fucking cool cause you\'re in Faster Pussycat
You guys might have gone gold
But have you gone platinum, platinum, platinum, I don\'t think so
When was the last time your video was on T.V.
Hey we just done slapped a dick across their head
And gave \'em a big ole welt
I never said I slept with you on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show
But I think you should remember what did indeed occur
I was wondering if the shit that was said on
Sally Jesse Raphael Show was true
Cause boy they were two ugly bitches
Tinsel town Hollywood queer
You are my dream man, you are my idol, please call me
I don\'t think so
You guys have no musical integrity
You have no musical ability
You got some lipstick I can borrow
Don\'t get choked, sucking off your band members cocks
You fuckin\' cheese puff faggot
You got some lipstick I can borrow
Fuckin\' little faggot users
Cram it in balls and all, I don\'t think so
Faster Pussycat they suck
I happen to think that you\'re all a bunch of
Cum guzzling prick dripping assholes
Faster Pussycat is god

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