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The Little Warrior - Text

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Far, far away, in a barren landscape
A little boy would become a warrior
Fighting among darkness, he will prevail
Little boy, carry on
No one can help you
Defeat your enemy, with gallantry and bravery
All big foes and even worse
They are no threat
Because you stand alone
Because you have the warrior heart
Several years, slaying monsters
Leaving the fear, and becoming older
Fighting among darkness, steel will prevail
Fight on, crush them all
You keep on trying
Flame of my soul, lasted for so long
Burn the foes around me
Slay them all, use your sword
Cut the Devil's throat
Fight to survive, fight to prevail
The last gasp you must spend
Seems you have won, but evil always turns back
Now I realize that I've become
Blindfolded by pride I've forged my path
My memories seem to fade away with time
Laying here, my mortality is revealed
Stand up, wield your sword
Your time is yet to come
Fighting among darkness, he will prevail

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