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Scrap Soldier - Text

-Stand up, hands up
Here’s a legend and he’s ‘bout to bust
A mad man; turn your bones to dust
Scrap Soldier
-Wanna see? Challenge me
Get your lights turned off by the beast
And he’s about to bring heat
Verse 1----
-Call him a claymore, tripwire, the landmine
Not one to be stepped on so tread light
A dog with bark to be feared, and still one hell of a bite
A boogie man to make you scream and sleep with night lights
-A gladiator; scar marked and war torn
Battle born, came out the womb with a shield and sword
Be forewarned, he’ll leave you broken by sheer force
Of his roar; He’s honor sworn to win wars
-No time for mercy; no time to take prisoners
Never surrender so forget about giving up
Listen up. You hear it? The monster’s mad
He’s on path to crash, lash out and smash rats
-Here comes a storm to rain down
Pain upon ground, thunder so loud, e-yeah
E-yeah; the beating of a lifetime
The truth is you won’t survive
Verse 2----
-Now referee man, ring the bell (ring the bell)
Take off my leash and I’m bringing hell (bringing hell)
Prepare my feast; tell him he’ll be ok
By the end of the day you’ll be rotting away; no more pain
-This cage is mine; my home away
The canvas is my dinner plate
The main course is you with a side
Of victory and my rise as king, true defined
-Get you to break under pressure you can’t take
It’s a fate that you can’t face
Just embrace the mistake you made today
Be a man and admit you were in the wrong place
Wrong weight, so the winner’s circle’s a long way
-There were two but I’m the soul survivor
KO’d another broken fighter
Laid him out so send in another, come on
Wanna give you a show that’ll make you stand up

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