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Anxiety Bath - Text

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Keep fading/I know I can't stay too long
so I take life as it comes/crashing down on me in waves
of despair/self-defeat/everything I try to be
if I could only wish this away/just one day of stability
so I can kill what's been killing me
the fact is that here its all about winning
not how well you play the fucking game
no matter how hard you strive or slave
you're just a pawn to a greater scheme
of chance and greed/of gods and thieves
of people lacking humility
sometimes it seems their only purpose here is to bury me
and keep me from living my dreams
first time they ripped it away/and then they laid you to waste
third time they spit in your face/fourth time hell to pay
three times but never more
STABILITY falls away
there will be/HELL TO PAY
once was an artist now a fucking SLAVE...

Text eingefügt von Scarss