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Something’s happening to me and you
Lighting up the night brighter than the moon
Couldn’t stop it if we wanted to
Tell me I’m not dreaming
Oh oh I’m out of my depth
Struggling to breathe gotta catch my breath
A little voice saying “Yes, yes, yes”
I can hear the sirens screaming
When you touch me, when you hold me
I don’t care I’m in too deep
You’re like a riptide
Dragging me away
Adrenaline kicking in my heartbeat thumping
Riptide underneath the waves
Hold on tight cos it’s the start of something
Gotta love this riptide
Nothing ever gonna feel so right
Finally found a little piece of paradise
It’s like I’m livin’ in a different life
Where the sun is always shining
See the shoreline fade from view
We’re treading water just me and you
There’s nothin’ else I’d rather do
Feels just like I’m flying
Riptide washing me away
A force so strong that I just can’t fight it
Riptide love it when you say
Feels so good I never thought I’d find it
Can’t hear it can’t see it
Invisible but you believe
This power this feeling
Gotta love the way it’s taking over me
I feel it I need it
Impossible to let it be
You know that I want it
You’re the only one who’s gonna set me free

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