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Never get the time for us anymore
Rushin’ around but what’s it all for?
Still together but we’re drifting apart
Wasn’t love meant to be easy?
And real life the hardest part?
So switch off your phone
Let’s spend a little time on our own…
I wanna get lazy
Lazy with you
Waste a little time
We can lose the afternoon
I miss you like crazy
So kick off your shoes
It’s amazing what lazy can do
When it’s me and you
How about today we cancel our plans?
You choose the music and I’ll run the bath
And I’ll light the scented candles the way we used to do
I forgot how much I love that song
No one gets me like you
Let’s take our time
Get back to how we used to unwind
Lazy like a Sunday morning
I don’t care who’s calling
I’m not picking up this time, no
Baby the hours that we’re wasting
Let’s keep the whole world waiting
I don’t think it’s such a crime

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