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Understand, the weight of your words
Some will fade away and some will last
And they dig, haunting my peace of mind
You'll not become my fallen idol
A God repressed by a man now atheist and grey
What I've found is just unreality
Unwilling to comply with what you say
A stroke with iron hand
Alone I stand
And what I heard that night, that crucifixion
It stole my breath and got me beat
Died again that very day I left without a trace
On the edge that separates the sanity from what's beyond
And that very day I left again without a trace
An open breach, a leak that is bleeding desire
An open breach, a man with a thorn in his hands
Could curtains fall on both our thin eyes
Staring at the shade that darkened that night
And a fear started to grow inside
I'll not become a wandering raven
I know the tears that flow and the meanings inside
Reading signs

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