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Moonbeam Stone Circle - Text

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The leaves are dancing the autumn waltz
The smell of the coming rain
Delivered by the wind that breathes through the trees
The forest is alive, and slowly comes the night
The branches are following me
In frightening twirls they take me as we fall in the dark
Oh in the name of the burning fire
Oh in the name of the stag and the wolf
here I invoke thee, Guardian of the grove
listen my prayer
Oh in the name of the burning fire
Oh in the name of the yew and oak
Here I invoke thee, Goddess of the Moon
Listen my prayer
As I call your name the woods are leaving me be
And I find myself right under a moonbeam
By the flames that burneth bright
I commence my rite
I offer thee my sacrifice
The broad white moon slowly climbs
And then silently cries
Horn and hoof are the goat-foot god
Come where the dances trod
Moonlit sky, on dusky hill
When the haunted wood is bushed, forgotten and still
In fiery flame, by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale,
Thee we invoke by the moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
I am a hawk on the cliff, I am a hill of poetry
I am a ruthless boar, I am a wave on the sea.
We light the sky aflame,
We are the sky in flames
We burn you at the stake
We are the, the Wicker men.

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