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'O' from the Great Sea - Text

Where I go the cancer grows;
the ill wind blows; the rivers
crack the dams + flush the
damned out from their homes...
I tie their hands + go. Where I
stay, the earth decays - a
harvest of abortion. I extort
them, hold an auction... they
fall down + pray for rain. I give
them scorching acid 'til they
learn the reason why... Why?
I'm not saying! Me! I throw the
first grenade... Me! I light the
barricades... My way! And did
you see my lips move in the
waxworks... Did I catch your
eye? Or did I serenade you in
a dream? You can't specify my
name, though you know you've
got my number. Mine's the face
you can't remember. Go back
to the mirror - look again. And
where I turn the fire burns. And
where I sleep, the widows
weep + when I point a finger
the assassin creeps + triggers
pandemonium. I drove the train
to Dachau, wore the hood of
Ku Klux Klan. I carve the
cross into a bloody sword; I
slice off the hand that feeds
you - cook it slowly, lick it
clean. I put it in my pie - don't
you want to know the reason

Text eingefügt von KARI

Tanith and the Lion Tree