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Be Somebody ft. Snak The Ripper - Text

This my life homie I'm still living
Never getting back all the time I've given
Seen good times seen things get ugly
Trying to get up trying to be somebody
This is my life homie I'm still livin'
Used to be the underdog now I've risen
That's one thing you can't take from me
We're out here trying to be somebody
VERSE 1 : Snak The Ripper
Alone in thought always stuck in my head
It's like looking for the green but you're stuck at the red
Feels like life is just a dream and I'm tucked in the bed
I can't believe I'm still alive and I ain't fucked up or dead
I was young and cold duckin the patrol
Never done what I was told fuckin spun outta control
But now I got a hold and I'm gunnin for the gold
I can run my own lane but I prefer the whole road
I can't stop it I chose my route
Keep clear from gossip just close your mouth
You gotta open your ear and hear yourself
And the only thing you should fear is fear itself
Nobody's stopping you from being your best
When your life gets too dirty clean the mess
Up late smoking fifth don't need the rest
Till the very last breath fuckin leaves my chest
VERSE 2 : Evil Ebenezer
I'm still living everyday is a blessing
I lost my direction but I always kept pressing
Fought thru the depression the drama and the tension
Hoping I would see a better man in my reflection
Searching for perfection lost in the vanity
Forgot who I was and everything that I planned to be
The hardest thing is to believe in yourself
When you spent so many cold nights screaming for help
And that's the real truth but from me to you
Listen to yourself and never mind what the others do
Cuz people are always gonna try to bring you down
But you gotta rise above it keep swinging for the crown
And no matter what you always gotta keep faith
Keep all the cameras rolling like this is your last tape
Like it's your last chance to show them all that you're great
So don't ever back down and don't ever play it safe

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