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Story of our life - Text

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Pictures of you and me
Pretty memories
Places where we have been
All the souvenirs
Time is a thief
Heartless and mean
Still fair enough to me
And everyone
I remember how we first met
I remember how we laughed
Our days are still not over
Not over yet
If this would be the last day
If this would be the end
What would be the screenplay
Of the story of our life
If this would be the last game
Would we wine or fail
Will we never be the same again
And would we understand
The story of our life
Sometimes we cried for love
Never had enough
Fought till the last drop of blood
Feeling strong enough
So hungry to be the best on
The street
Be able to rule the world
Just like everyone
I remember all we promised
I remember all these years
I hear our songs still playing
In my ear
After all that we´ve been through
There´s so much more to do
I appreciate the time we had
I will never forget
Thank you for the best time
Of my life

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