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The Nail In Our Coffin (Feat. Dana Willax) - Text

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You should be ashamed of the trash you let between your legs
You are a snake in the grass who won't hesitate to stab me in the back
Don't mean to be too brash, I'll speak my peace, then you can get back to fucking anything that shows the smallest shred of interest
Every word that leaves your tongue is another lie to break my trust
Keep my name from your thoughts and keep that mouth shut
When the hell did you get so damn caught up in the act of tearing out my heart?
Of all the people I've come across in my life, you are the bottom of the barrel
I know I've said this once but I guess I'll have to be more clear
I'll say it over again and I'll be sure to speak up
Fuck you and your negativity and you can take back all the things you ever said to me
I tried to fix your old ways but you still managed to fuck it all up
And I held you in the highest regard, but now we learn to sleep alone
The thought of it makes my stomach turn, envisioning him sliding off your shirt
And when he climbs on top, do you see my face and wish that it would stop?
Remember this face, this is the last time you'll see it
Now learn to live inside the hell you embrace
No longer blissful in ignorance, my eyes are open wide, I see right through your lies
It's the nail in our coffin, it's the burning of bridges, it's the immeasurable hell, couldn't keep your hands to yourself

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