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The Earth Will Turn - Text

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As the months move on, we hardly speak
Your hair turns to grey and that heart's growing tired and weak
I shoveled the dirt and made a grave for you to sleep in
Because you're dead to me so take your last breath
From the second I awoke to the earth, I was destined to grow without you and suffer
Selfish, reckless and a fiend, you chose that bastard over your family
How can we hope to pick up all the pieces when you're destroying the ground we stand on? Those drugs that you crave burned holes in your brain and paved the path for the life you hate
God damn you for leaving when we needed you
Hell bent on saving only yourself but that crippling defeat and the cancer you breathe, it finally caught up to you
Now it's plain to see I don't need you in the same old way
I don't need you to be here at all
A thousand miles away from home but you wouldn't even fucking know
Mother, tell me where you've been, I refuse to hear anymore of this deafening silence
Consider this bridge burned and I'll consider you gone forever
You don't have the backbone to face the one's you left for your dead
This is the last time we'll speak so listen closely
I tried to save you but you slipped away
I was once your son, now you have no part in what I've become
Stranger, you threw it all away for that lesser man
Now you must sleep in the bed you've made
No forgiveness for the things you say or the choices that took you away
No fighting for a second chance, the earth will turn and you'll be dead

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