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The needles that pierce my veins are drowning my world in flames
I pray for this to stop but they burn, they burn
No holy book, no plea's to the sky, will subside the fiending inside my mind
I don't think that I'm ready to die yet but I'm so close I can barely stand
My reflection shows a demon in me but I just want this to stop now
Can you hear me? I just want this to stop now
I'm helpless when my heart is heavy, when there is nothing else
To tell me I am worth the effort to save myself
Amidst the chaos in this sea of flames, my eyes turn from this black earth
Everyone I know is looking down, their eyes filled with shame
And everything I need is right in front of me but I just need to see
The water that I sink in could be the same I walk on
The truth is I'm still learning wrong from right
They burn my world, I can taste defeat
But I will make sure the earth sees one day that I'll be free from this sea of flames
Black earth, I turn my eyes to see a new world where I can find peace

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What It Means To Be Defeated (Reissue)