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The Robot Vs The Heroin Battle Of Vietnam - Text

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(parts of victims organs)
(they will give you better style)
(attach the platemail to your insides)
blistered by the fire
(keep your victims confined)
caught in the threshold
(to meager)
man the armory
dressed in our
(those in your basement)
last attire castle walls
(keep them confined to meager rations)
falling down around us all
(I stashed the platemail under the file cabinet)
and then when you go to sleep
I hope you wake up knowing
that you were meant for all of this
first, take time to breath you don't need me
you don't need anything its a wonder
how we're all under attack from everything always
and I'm willing to die to save your life
I know that you feel the same towards me
this is the last thing you'll remember
(we can't go wrong)
(Just hand me the best tongs)
(paid our dues and now we're gone)
(we can't go wrong just hand me the best tongs)
(we can't go wrong now)
you're saddened to see
everything that's come so far is falling
right into reach but you're still scared of this rain
(lance her eyes)
(and take one of those dream vacations)
(lance her eyes)
(and take one of those moonlit ocean walks)
blood stains my blade from taking hearts as ornaments
(wear parts of victims organs)
(they will give you better style)
(parts of victims organs just lance her eyes)

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