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His Wanted Position - Text

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You cannot run forever
From the creeping darkness that you have spawned
When the night entangles your every thought
You are trapped with the sentences I put in your head
(I’m not worthy of this life – I’m filthy, false)
If you think you have run long enough
(I’m not your slave!)
Then you are wrong!
You can’t escape yourself
I hate you disgustful human
You've no right to stand above me
I'll pull you down – Ruin you
Don’t mind my Horns – I am you
You have no chance to run from your doom
As the day turns black around you
Even your closest turn their backs on you
They just follow my way of selfishness
At last, I have you for myself
(Am I the filth of this earth?)
Yes, you are, and have been so since your birth!
All the treasures of the world you shall not see
You will only see me – The black, foul hatred
I will regain my rightful position
Above the stars of God!

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