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When I return,
I dream of another life,
Failure transparent in the palm of my hand.
I am the contortionist, we are the contortionist.
I can feel this distance is further and farther without you
Contorting to fit, somewhere I do not belong.
Brick by brick. Stone on top of stone,
I create, from these towers, built of nothingness.
I will fall.
And like these wordless feelings,
There is an emptiness we long to feel inside.
Father when will you come home, I have been dying inside
Mother where have you gone,
Oh so how hard I've been trying.
Hours upon hours, I am fucking sleepless,
We are wretched no sleep for the wicked,
And at night we come undone.
This is not who I ever was, we are anything,
We are the contortionist.
We are the wordless feelings, we are the great divide,
We are the emptiness we long to feel inside.
We are anything, we are the contortionist.

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