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Human river - organic chains
Demonstration - Static veins
A crowd observer - a source of faith
Moral context - complex rain
Here we touch on one of the great questions
That have haunted humanity for aeons
Continuous or discontinuous transformation?
A future sea around the globe
A wicked world
With thirst for evolution
To reach the endless god
Fright disease inside the minds
An iron tank full of stereotypes
To reach the endless god
The aims... our saviors
Inferior... into your own bliss
The aims... our saviors
Inferior... giving face to face
Guiding all the aims in seven black effects
To reach the endless god
Kraanerg, Apocalypse or Shame
The life's quest so simple like never before
Kraanerg, energy of decades
A failed number with 666
Kraanerg, is the Exorcist
A call of human soul, a rage of human being
A vortex of hopes, a fake reality
Operation - dynamic laws
Isolation - Quantum Storms
A Fake disorder - inactive game
Human nature - a hand grenade

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