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Spit The Hair - Text

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I knew this guy
Down on his luck
Met this girl
She liked to fuck
Went to her house
He felt so good
Drunk some wine
Got in the mood
Kissed her tits
Took her panties off
She spread her legs
Said..."eat from my trough"
Put Rohypnol in his drink
Tied him up
Now taste the pink,
No Brazilian,
Massive thatch
Need a rake,
To part her snatch
Munching carpet
Chewing rug
She left a trail,
Like a slug
Spit the hair
Spit it out!
Choke on fur, time runs out
Spit the hair
Spit it out,
Choke on fur (time runs out!)
Spit it out,
If you don't want to choke,
Spit it out,
If you don't want to choke
Spit it out,
Don't die as a joke!
Spit the hair
Flaps come down
Muted scream
Hear no sound
Repetitive strain
In his tongue
Pendulous labia
Soaked in cum
Bitch squats down
on his face
Pubic veil
Lost without trace
Forced to eat
From twisted slut
2 kilo fur-ball in his gut
Respitory system fail
Genital cuttings, stacked in bails
(vaginal jail)
His face, her throne
He can't escape
Pussy over-grown
She moans
Her final ask:
His minge-skin mask:
Her task?
To save cum in flasks
Spit it out!

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