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Around oriental bars
Get high on low chairs
Through long sleeved afternoons
G.No & Sir G.
There wishing their ax and pen
Weren't that heavy
Calling you 'cross the square
Oh, please,
Collecting a coin to get sick
Mad sipping a drop from a drip
Do knock right when your dictionary fails
One lost his high heel boots
A fine-collector
One lost a Turkish waggon
A bee-inspector
Two pharmacy lovers
Who never whisper
Moving across the squadre
Oh, please,
Connecting a strange TV screen
Thick chewing a lick of sixteenths
Do knock right when your dictionary fails
Together gonna move
Beetles'll race under the sink
Long played walls
Left hand songs
Both fooling on the floor
Smashing hot dust for the score
Long fixed walls
To blow red horns

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