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Bad Girl - Karaoketext

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We just came to the party Them girls know how we do What´s that look´s kind of naughty Watch your step Cause she´s a bad bad girl She´ll spend all of your money Leave you Find the next guy She´s one hell of a shorty Damn she´s hot but she´s is a bad bad girl She will steal your soul and mind Then she´ll leave you far behind She´s a crazy girl but she rocks my world She´s so very naughty Shorty´s just a bad girl a bad girl i adore She´s a crazy wild maneater Shorty´s just a bad girl My girl is the baddest of them all My girl likes to get rowdy She´s just one of a kind My friends they always warn me Boy what´s up you better change your mind It´s just not getting to me Her love made me go blind

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Karaoke eingefügt von LucynQa