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A Billion Hits - Karaoketext

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Did not go nowhere,never left , UhYou really thought that I was goneI heard you talking like I lost my swaggerSaid I was over you were wrongI am always improving,always on the moveWorking on my flowTo take it to the studioThis is not a comebackFolowing my own pathLaying down the fat tracksStill a music maniac...Whoa!Well I know that I will make it!Never put my head downT-T turn it up loudYeah!Cause i dont have a fake itIf i keep a working itA billion hits is what I will getWho-o-o-a!That is what I am can gonna get!Who-o-o-a!That what I am gonna getYeah!Cause I know that I will make it!Overload the internet A billion hits is what I will get!

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