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Souls - Karaoketext

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The sun rises every morningBut why are we so sureI'm looking out of the windowEmpires arise and fall(Empires arise and fall)We've been so long togetherForgotten hopes and pleasureBut when the time is rightWe'll open our heartsAnd disclose the treasureSo there are youAnd here am ILet's realize our dreamThe time is rightSo there are youAnd here am ILet's realize our dreamthe time is rightTry to read between the linesWe've been runningOver battlefieldsFrom century to century(From century)Nothing wrong, nothing rightThere was no day, there was no night(There was no night)We took every painfull stepLife for life and side by side(Side by side)But finally look aroundSome are lost and some are foundLass' die erinnerung erwachenI love you(I love you)So here are youAnd here am ILet's realize our dreamSo here are youAnd here am II'm still waiting for you

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