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Love Song - Karaoketext

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âI've never written a love songThat didn't end in tearsMaybe you'll rewrite my love songIf you can replace my fearsI need your patience and guidanceAnd all your lovin' and moreWhen thunder rolls through my lifeWill you be able to weather the storm?There's so much I would give ya, babyIf I'd only le myselfThere's this well of emotionsI feel I must protectBut what's the point of this armorIf it keeps the love away, too?I'd rather bleed with cuts of loveThan live without any scarsBaby, can I trust this?Or do all things end?I need to hear that you'd die for meAgain and again and againSo tell me when you look in my eyesCan you share all the pain and happy times'Cause I will love you for the rest of my lifeThis is my very first love songThat didn't end in tearsI think you re-wrote my love songFor the rest of my yearsI wil love you for the rest of my Life

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