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Be The Bed - Karaoketext

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Her eyes were closed when I caught her in bedOh, she seemed much happier thenI sat by her side and I couldn't help but cryI was here for a reason and IFinally understood and my oh myCould only ask myself why oh whyCan't we talk this through and make things right?Oh, I'd sure as hell like to tryRight about this time she opened her eyesAnd asked how long I had been thereWell, my tongue was tiedI said nothing, I just staredShe said, "Oh, I didn't think you cared..."Well, I wasn't ready for what she said nextShe said, "There is nothing else that you can doNo, you can't understand what I'm going throughAnd if the world has changed, well, I'll be damnedOh, 'cause I'm no good at being braveNot even on the better daysAnd there are things we cannot saveNo matter how hard we tryThere is nothing else that you can do Vice na

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