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I don't speak the language that you speakAnd there's some words I know I'll never reachBut when I see you smiling back at meSomehow, somehowI know exactly what you meanSomehow, somehowI know exactly what you mean, ohWhen you look, when you look a little boredSometimes I sing a song that I have learnedI swear to God there's no way you could've heardBut somehow, somehowYou sing every single wordSomehow, somehowYou sing every single word, ohSometimes I go running in the darkWhen I don't know how to read the starsBut where I'll run, it don't matter how farSomehow, somehowI always end up in your armsSomehow, somehowI always end up in your arms, ohSomehow, somehowNo, I don't know what happens when you dieAnd just the thought, you know, it kinda blows my mindBut when I look, when I look up to the skySomehow, somehowI know that it will be alrightSomehow, somehowI know that you will be beside, oh

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